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beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> now that we see the potential of doing surveillance of world leaders and all these people and the potential of getting caught, are you comfortable with us doing the surveillance of world leaders? >> not at all. nsa people are asking whether it's run by keith alexander or dr. strangelove. they have this huge dragnet of getting information about everyone, everywhere. it has a huge budget, huge tech no logical capacity. but it has no restraint and no judgment and no prudance, that's a bad situation. it's making people at home very insecure because if we're that bad at compromising relationships with folks like head of germany, what do we do with our own citizens here? >> you also have a woman in the thick of it, marilyn tavenner, she apologized publicly today. let's t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1